Green and Burgundy

Most likely not the first color scheme that comes to mind when thinking about Fall attires, both green and burgundy (on their own) are two of the season’s staples. Although I love trying new combinations within my wardrobe, I have to give credit for this one to Fábrica dos Chapéus who recently sent me one of their outstanding fedoras: a custom version featuring a rich burgundy grosgrain stripe over dark green wool: in a word…perfection! Taking a new approach to the art of hatmaking (more on that on a future post), this model has an uneven brim which is shorter on the sides and longer at the front providing an edgier, yet elegant silhouette. The hat served as an inspiration and was the core piece, allowing the rest of the look to fluidly pull itself together making use of complementing shades and contrasting textures. 

Details: wool herringbone blazer by Gentleman Tailors, cotton/wool cardigan by H&M, candy striped oxford button down by Our Legacy, perfect shape cargo pants by Uniqlo, suede Wallabees by Clarks, custom wool fedora by Fábrica dos Chapéus, vintage checked wool tie, vintage pocket square and striped socks by H&M.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

So odd. But i digg it.